Colvin helps students realize their potential

image: Shannon Colvin

During her time as an MSU student, Shannon Colvin (89) always enjoyed interacting with her classmates. Colvin said that in her more than two decades working at MSU, she has gained even greater joy by showing students what they are capable of accomplishing.

“My whole kind of philosophy with working with students is empowering them to realize their full potential,” she said. “I’ve worked with students through the service region who came here for the academic reason and realized there was so much more to themselves.”

As the youngest of seven children – four of which are MSU alumni – growing up in Salyersville, Colvin knew she either wanted to go to MSU or somewhere far away. While earning her Bachelor of Science in Geology, Colvin worked as a resident advisor. Throughout her regular interactions with students, she used her position to serve as a mentor.

“I think sometimes if you hear advice from a peer, it is more impactful to you than it is from an instructor or your advisor because your peer is sharing that same experience with you,” she said.

Colvin made it a point to not steer too far away from this mentality when she almost immediately took a job in the Office of Student Housing at MSU after earning her bachelor’s degree. She first became an assistant hall director before holding positions as hall director, area coordinator and later Student Life coordinator, during which time she also earned a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in counseling.

Colvin currently serves as associate director of leadership, programming and inclusion for the Office of Student Activities, allowing her to serve as an advisor to student organizations including the Student Government Association (SGA).

“She knows how to connect with students through her personality,” said Cameron Faudere, SGA member and sophomore strategic communications major from Owingsville. “You can see the passion she has for students and for Morehead State, especially.”

Colvin continues to guide, help and encourage Eagle students and feels empowered to do what she does because of the institution she loves.

“When I came to MSU, it was really just a place to go to school. I didn’t envision that it would have the impact it would have in my life,” she said.