Eagle Athletes excelled not just on the field, but in the classroom this spring with 45 Morehead State student-athletes achieving perfect grades during the semester while 13 of the Eagles’ 16 programs earned a team grade-point average of 3.0 or better.  

The rifle program garnered the highest team GPA at 3.76, while the combined total of 3.64 for volleyball/beach volleyball came in second. The overall GPA for all athletes was 3.11.  

Other programs earning at least a 3.0 team GPA were baseball, men’s cross country, men’s track and field, men’s golf, women’s cross country, women’s indoor track and field, women’s outdoor track and field, women’s golf, softball and soccer.  

The following are individual student-athletes who earned 4.0 GPAs in the spring:  

  • Baseball – Josh Baumgart (19)
  • Men’s Cross Country – Jordan Carrington (19) and Anthony Ortega (19).  
  • Men’s Track and Field – Jordan Carrington and Anthony Ortega.  
  • Football – Kyle Gilbert, Jarin Higginbotham, Starr Hutcherson, Dalton Lewis, Cam Marriott, Jacob Moss and Aaron Turk (19).  
  • Men’s Golf – Mason McGhee and Joe Muschong.  
  • Women’s Basketball – Darianne Seward.  
  • Women’s Cross Country – Alison Chinn, Mya Faris (19), Katelyn Sevier, Carrie Staviskiand Sydney Young. 
  • Women’s Track and Field (Indoor and Outdoor) – Alison Chinn, Mya Faris, Katelyn Sevier, Carrie Staviski and Sydney Young.  
  • Women’s Golf – Isabella Washka.  
  • Rifle – Brandon Bryer (19), Jesse Moyer, Alexa Potts, Karly Potts, Amber Schifano. 
  • Softball – Lindsay Anderson, Bella Caracciolo, Sara Hallock, Megan Murphy, Peyton Rose and Peyton Slater.  
  • Soccer – Jenna Ahlbrand, Shelby Huddleston (19), Nicole Palmer, Ashley Ritchie, Colleen Swift, Morgan Treser and Michelle Washburn (19)
  • Volleyball – Alysa Cecil, Chandler Clark (19), Maddie Fella, Olivia Lohmeier, Danielle McCarson, Olivia Montelisciani and Jessie Wachtman.  
  • Beach Volleyball – Chandler Clark, Georgia Childers (19)Maddie Fella (19), Olivia Lohmeier, Danielle McCarson and Olivia Montelisciani. 

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