Morehead State University student-athletes consistently display exceptional abilities in the areas of both athletics and academics. For the 2018-19 academic year, 18 MSU student-athletes were awarded the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Academic Medal of Honor.  
The OVC Academic Medal of Honor is awarded to students who have a 4.0 GPA (or the highest GPA in their sport among conference students) and who participate in an OVC-sponsored sport. 
MSU Volleyball had five student-athletes receive the award, the most out of all of the University’s athletic programs this year. Volleyball was followed closely by rifle, who had three student-athletes receive awards. 
The recipients of the award from each athletic program are below: 

Dalton Stambaugh 
Women’s Basketball 
Darianne Seward (19) 
Men’s Cross Country 
Jordan Carrington* (19) 

*Also honored for Track & Field 
Women’s Cross Country 
Alison Chinn* and Sydney Young* 
*Also honored for Track & Field 
Men’s Golf 
Mason McGhee and Joe Muschong 
Women’s Golf 
Isabella Washka 
Brandon Bryer (19)
Alexa Potts 
Amber Schifano 
Women’s Soccer 
Colleen Swift 
Peyton Slater 
Men’s Track & Field 
Jordan Carrington* 
*Also honored for Cross Country 
Women’s Track & Field 
Alison Chinn* and Sydney Young* 
*Also honored for Cross Country 
Chandler Clark
Madison Fella (19) 
Olivia Lohmeier 
Olivia Montelisciani 
Jessie Wachtman (19)

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