Morehead State’s Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is offering the public an opportunity to learn about critical social issues through its Caudill Conversations program.   

Caudill Conversations are video conversations that focus on social topics and feature insights from the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences faculty. This year, the focus of the program is on diversity and inclusion. The conversations are available to view on MSU’s Camden-Carroll Library’s ScholarWorks.     

Dr. Scott Davison, professor of philosophy and interim dean of the Caudill College, said the focus is a response to recent social movements that have gained media attention.   

“In light of recent events that have gained national attention, this year, our focus is on issues related to justice and equality. The programs in our college are uniquely qualified to address these questions, so we are trying to provide insightful and well-informed discussions,” Davison said.   

Davison said the college plans to create 10 Caudill Conversation videos covering various topics, including the function of Civil War memorials in public spaces, the struggles teachers face in teaching U.S. History and more. Davison said viewers of the videos will gain different perspectives on the topics discussed from informed, knowledgeable faculty members.   

“If people are interested in different perspectives on current events, provided by experts in relevant fields in a short and accessible format, they should browse the collection of Caudill Conversations,” he said. “Not only do the conversations provide informed perspectives, but they also prompt new questions for further discussion here at the University and in the local community.”     

Davison said the two conversations that are already available have garnered positive feedback.  

“I’ve received some great feedback about how the conversations have addressed difficult topics in a sensible and informed way, so I’m very pleased that we are able to move forward with this project,” he said.  

To view the conversations, visit    

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