Chase Turner receives Auburn University's Francesca B. Gaither Scholarship.
Chase Turner (18), center, was awarded Auburn University’s Francesca B. Gaither Scholarship. He is pictured above with Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Dean Calvin Johnson, left, and Auburn Gross Anatomy Lecturer Dr. Joe Rowe, right.

A recent MSU graduate has earned a prestigious scholarship at Auburn University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Chase Turner (18) of West Liberty was awarded Auburn’s Francesca B. Gaither Scholarship. The prize was awarded in recognition of his accomplishments prior to admission to the school’s veterinary medicine program. Turner was one of 10 students honored at the awards ceremony.  
“This is a great day in the life of the college because it is a day to celebrate your accomplishments and your outstanding success,” said Dr. Dan Givens, Auburn’s associate dean for academic affairs. “By being a student here, you’ve shown how outstanding you are, and we celebrate and recognize all of you.”  
Dr. Philip Prater, professor of veterinary science at MSU, said Turner had several achievements while he was at MSU. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA, was the pre-vet student of the year in the College of Science and completed more than 2,500 hours of veterinary experience at the West Liberty Veterinary Clinic.  
“Chase and many others from MSU that have gone on to colleges of veterinary medicine have always had positive comments about the preparation here at MSU,” Prater said. “They are always complimentary of the rigor of their course work, especially in the biological and agricultural sciences. They are also complimentary of the care and advice that they received from our faculty. They routinely contact me after they are in vet school and tell me that they feel ‘light years’ ahead of some of their other classmates with the training they received in veterinary science at MSU.” 
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